Cyber Monday 2018 Continues Growing Trend

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Cyber Monday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 has broken records, as expected. Every Cyber Monday has broken the record set by the previous Cyber Monday. However, the difference this time is how it has exceeded expectations. Cyber Monday 2018 was predicted to have a total of $7.8 billion in online sales. It passed that prediction by […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Go Global

Black Friday Global

A Primer Black Friday started out in the 1950s. In the wake of violent shopping sprees in Philadelphia the day after Thanksgiving. The term was coined by police officers that served during the event in a negative context. This is due to the army-navy football game that took place in the city every year. There […]

AI-Powered eCommerce


The Key to Improving eCommerce As the holiday season approaches, eCommerce markets are preparing for high traffic loads and the usual season highs. Every year there’s something new that can be implemented that will improve the use of an eCommerce channel. eCommerce is continuing to rise and become a larger piece of the retail pie […]

eCommerce vs mCommerce


mCommerce Rising mCommerce, mobile commerce, is continuing to grow and is now the fastest growing shopping channel in the United States. New data from Worldpay shows that it grows 15% annually. Smartphones are continuing to find new ownership across American consumers. As that ownership grows so does the number of consumers that switch from shopping […]

Walmart Takes Strides to Surpass Amazon as America’s Preferred Online-Grocer

amazon vs walmart

Walmart Lays the Foundation One month ago, Deutsche Bank upgraded Walmart’s stock from hold to buy. The reason being, that they expect Walmart to overtake Amazon as the leading online grocer in the United States. Deutsche notes that Walmart is “reaping returns on the many years of investment in e-commerce and customer service,” with that […]

3 Things You Should Know about E-commerce Third-Party Logistics


When working with a 3PL e-commerce fulfillment center, it’s important to understand how they operate, as well as the vital role they play in the e-commerce industry. Although many stores and retail venues are moving away from brick-and-mortar storefronts and investing in online shopping, there is still physical stock to take care of. And that’s […]

A Quick How-To For Improving Customer Satisfaction


E-commerce has nearly doubled its market share of all total retail sales since 2010 (4.6%-9.1%) and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. It adds speed and convenience to a process that otherwise can be a chore when variables such as availability, crowd size and traffic come into play. Consumer satisfaction is a facet […]