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Top 5 Ways to Manage Warehouse Inventory | SunShip E-Commerce 3PL


Large or small, a warehouse takes a lot of maintenance and organization to be managed correctly. When dealing with a high volume of inventory, it’s important to know how to stock, fulfill, and ship items as efficiently as possible. SunShip has researched and implemented digital solutions to help correctly manage warehouse inventory. These top five tips (below) for inventory management can help keep the daily duties of a warehouse running as smoothly as possible.

Manage Warehouse Inventory | The Breakdown

1. Get to Know the High Volume Items

Some sellers will contribute to a much higher volume of stock than others. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to put the big number items in an easily accessible location. Warehouse employees will be able to easily reach and pack them without having to go out of their way to get to them.

2. Maximize Security Efforts

Nothing is worse than an unauthorized person in the warehouse causing mistrust and worry. Make sure you keep a steady eye on your employees. Knowing who has access to the warehouse and who is permitted to be handling the inventory can give you better peace of mind when you go to work each day.

3. Make Labels

Without the proper markings, it would be impossible to tell what kind of inventory is in which boxes. Make labels to tag items such as:

  • Item name
  • Item quantity
  • Item size
  • Seller name
  • Location information
  • Hazardous/Health concerns (if applicable)

This also helps towards quality control. Knowing what is in the boxes, as well as what has been approved to go in the boxes, goes a long way with warehouse inventory management.

4. Designate a Receiving Area

Even if a warehouse is all about shipping, there should still be an area left over for receiving. What would a warehouse be without its stock? Designating a receiving area for delivery trucks and parcels can reduce the headache of managing a chaotic warehouse. Employees will know exactly where the packages come in, and where they go out.

5. Invest in a Management System

With the dawn of computer technology, there are plenty of software systems that have been designed specifically to organize and manage warehouse systems. Investing in a program that can manage warehouse inventory, shipping information, and more will make it a whole lot easier for employees to get around.

Talk About Warehouse Management Today

Relying on a professional e-commerce fulfillment company can lift a heavy weight off of your shoulders. If you are having trouble with warehouse management, or you’d like more information about large-scale shipping and receiving services, reach out to SunShip at any time.

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