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The Importance of Full On Demand E-Commerce Platforms That Meet Tailored Needs

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Only select business across the country truly gain the benefit of total digital software/hardware implementation- adding a digital service or software to your company’s operations, but not taking full advantage of the platform’s capabilities. While a number of reasons can allow for this, the main reasons revolve around poor user interface, experience, and reliability. Creating an on demand digital solution to an existing problem, while allowing users to intuitively and quickly move through the software, is exactly how companies like Lyft, DoorDash, Airbnb, and Zillow have blossomed.

Yet, there’s more. Digital solutions need to solve real, everyday problems- imagine using Uber’s clean and simple app., but never actually getting a ride!

Providing an easy way of moving through a platform is one thing, but actually solving the problem is the chief concern. Specific features are required that directly address concerns. Such an instance is on demand Retail Fulfillment. It’s inherent challenge is that it’s an ever evolving process that places heavy emphasis on an omni-channel presence. Hence why more and more enterprises are making the move to outsource. Annual data-metric reviews, quarter-over-quarter benchmarks, and ROI analyses confirm it.

SunShip is the ideal choice when it comes to implementing a total service focused platform, which easily completes effective on demand 3PL e-commerce transactions. This digital solution touches on interface, support, and effectiveness; all tailored to ensure specific services, like retail fulfillment is successfully accomplished. Retail fulfillment is effectively done through SunShip by addressing four common pitfalls in the logistics chain:

– Ensures order fulfillment, scheduling and recovery order fulfillment and scheduling
– Ensures department is properly trained in job duties and safety
– Uses on demand proprietary software to maintain install and order verification schedule to achieve maximum capacity/efficiency
– Resolves customer issues and delivers very satisfied customer experience

To learn more about what SunShip can provide for your retail fulfillment needs, check out the video below.


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