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Fulfillment and Same-Day Deliveries in South Florida in 2021


When you contract fulfillment service, you get a third party warehouse. The warehouse must process and deliver your orders on your behalf.

Sunship it’s an e-commerce fulfillment service that’s changed the shipping landscape in Florida by offering same-day shipping. Technology continues to impact the industry profoundly, and now more customers are aware of same-day delivery of orders.

A warehouse should have a fulfillment service option that comes in handy when you want someone else to tackle shipping orders.

It’s also a great way to handle overflow if you run out of space in your current set up and can’t rapidly make changes.

Step By Step Process of Fulfillment Services and Same Day Delivery

For the supply chain to run smoothly, there’s a step by step process that gets you to your destination. Choose a fulfillment service that meets your needs and takes time to analyze your operation. With such keen interest, you can collaborate better.

Most fulfillment services start with the first step, which entails receiving the orders to be shipped. Once the packages are received, they’re adequately inspected to check the current condition.

Also, the recording is done on the content and expected delivery date. Those for same-day delivery leave immediately after.

For inventory that doesn’t have to leave the same day, it’s kept in the warehouse. Fulfillment services ensure the facility meets all standards, including safe storage of inventory.

Utmost care is taken when storing the orders in a secure facility to avoid theft or damage.

The next step is order management that involves checking the location of the order. It’s then stored with similar orders heading in the same direction while taking proper logging.

Once done, the orders are picked, packed, and shipped to the third-party warehouse operator’s correct location.

Benefits of Fulfillment Services and Same Day Shipping

1. Time Management

It’s better to hand over some tasks like shipping orders to a fulfillment service provider as a busy operation. Once the warehouse gets the orders, the rest is on their hands. They’re in charge of safely handling the orders and noting the right time to deliver. As a result, you get more time on your hands to handle other matters.

2. Efficiency

Having numerous orders can be hard to handle, especially when running a small operation. Therefore, bringing in a third party makes it easy to delegate tasks and have the orders efficiently delivered.

3. Free Up Space

In a small operation, orders can take up a lot of space. Handing them over to a fulfillment service that has a larger facility frees up space for you. You can then proceed to produce more orders which keep your enterprise operational.

In Conclusion

A fulfillment service comes in handy when you prefer not to deal with the whole shipping service. By contracting a third party, you free up space and time. Also, you can rely on same-day delivery by stating the same on order.

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