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eCommerce Fulfillment & Final Delivery for the 21st Century


With the rise of Amazon, eBay, and other online shopping sites, we have gradually seen eCommerce become more and more influential. To help with this, founder and visionary Luis Lopez created SunShip. Furthermore, in 2020 with the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions, we saw a massive 30% spike in eCommerce. This also saw The FTC report in July that there was a record spike in complaints about online shopping. The way that many companies are adapting to this paradigm shift is inadequate. A company that stands out as a massive boon to people looking to adapt in SoFlo is Sunship


How Sunship Helps You Move Online

Sunship is a hands-on partner that will plan and execute the most cost-effective way to execute your eCommerce fulfillment strategy. They are located in the heart of the cargo sector, allowing them to reliably and efficiently handle order fulfillment solutions for startups, SMBs, and subscription box companies. They leverage their 80,000ft2 fulfillment center with the most advanced software in the industry to ensure your customers have the best possible experience. 


The Sunship Advantage

Their central location in SoFlo allows them to do same-day shipping in the region. That is a sizable value add because there are times where a customer needs something in the moment. Another advantage is as a subsidiary of Freight Hub Group they provide you access to a 100,000ft2 warehouse that is very secure. Furthermore, Sunship does not charge for receiving inventory so long as their receiving guidelines are complied with. On top of that, they offer returns management. They take advantage of the same expedited process they use to make sure the package ends up in your customer’s hands quickly and without hassle to get that product back. By doing that, they minimize the negative impact a return can have on customer satisfaction. These advantages all can help you take your eCommerce operation to the next level.


Sunship’s Flexibility

Sunship offers flexibility in its solutions to allow you to stand out from the crowd. It is for this reason that they have taken steps to allow things like custom packaging. They understand the importance of brand building and have created specific policies to help ensure that you can seize the opportunity that custom packaging offers. They also provide pick and pack services to allow you to ship multiple orders in the same box. That has the distinct advantage of saving resources to enable you to meet sustainability goals and also making it less work for your customers to unbox their products once they arrive. 


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