Shipping Labels | SunShip E-Commerce Logistics, Miami, Florida

Shipping labels, Miami Ecommerce Solutions

Picking a shipping label is a crucial part of the packaging and shipping process. Shipping labels are affected by the size and weight of the package, the travel distance of the item, important technology-related codes (UPC’s for instance) and the sensitivity of the item(s). Those factors play a major role when trying to determine which […]

A Quick How-To For Improving Customer Satisfaction


E-commerce has nearly doubled its market share of all total retail sales since 2010 (4.6%-9.1%) and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. It adds speed and convenience to a process that otherwise can be a chore when variables such as availability, crowd size and traffic come into play. Consumer satisfaction is a facet […]

Pick and Pack Services Explained | SunShip E-Commerce Logistics

pick and pack services SunShip Miami Florida

Pick and pack is a pivotal process in warehousing. It determines how individual assets in an order are selected from master crates and separated into their respective boxes, containers and envelopes. This accounts for up to 60% of warehouse labor hours and 50% of costs, which means time is money. Eliminating or alleviating third-party applications […]

Considerable Factors for B2C Shipping

B2C Shipping Miami Ecommerce Solutions

If you’re in the business of the logistics, your two top priorities should be increasing profits and improving customer experience. However, that is much easier said than done. Some companies never find that balance and the ones that do grow to be major players in the world of B2C shipping. Multiple factors come into play […]

3 Ways To Get The Most From Your Distribution Center

E-commerce is here and it isn’t going away any time soon. “As of 2011, market data showed that over 70 percent of all adult internet users in the United States made online purchases, leaning mainly toward internet sites and e-mail offers to help them choose their desired product (” It’s important for any online business […]

Why Packaging and Branding in Luxury Ecommerce Fulfillment Matter

A major asset that’s overlooked by smaller e-commerce fulfillment companies is the value of branding and promotion of their packaging. This is not so important when sending small, cheap trinkets, but for luxury items that customers are willing to pay shipping for, it’s a must. Distinguish the Good from the Great Looking to improve your […]